NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsorship History

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This is not an official list. The information on this page is as accurate as of the post date of the grants for the given year. Teams that drop out over the season are not removed from the list.

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2020 NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsored Teams

Team Number Team Name Grant Type The Blue Alliance
157 Assabet Valley Reg Tech HS Sustaining Grant TBA
173 Tolland High School & East Hartford High School & Ellington High School & Connecticut Ib Academy Sustaining Grant TBA
175 Enfield High School Sustaining Grant TBA
177 South Windsor High School Sustaining Grant TBA
299 Valkyrie Robotics Sustaining Grant TBA
422 Maggie L Walker Governor's Sch Sustaining Grant TBA
426 Pinkerton Academy & Timberlane Regional High School & Saigon South International School & School for Excellence & Bronx International High Sch New Veteran TBA
1076 Pioneer High School Sustaining Grant TBA
1280 San Ramon Valley High School Sustaining Grant TBA
1452 Windward School Veteran TBA
1492 Family/Community Sustaining Grant TBA
1683 Northview High School Sustaining Grant TBA
1922 Hopkinton High School & John Stark Regional High Sch & Hopkinton Middle School Sustaining Grant TBA
2059 Athens Drive Magnet High Sch Sustaining Grant TBA
2585 Bellaire High School Sustaining Grant TBA
2655 Home School Sustaining Grant TBA
2725 Neighborhood Group Sustaining Grant TBA
2882 Morton Ranch High School Sustaining Grant TBA
3536 Hartland High School Veteran TBA
3572 Mona Shores Senior High School Sustaining Grant TBA
3636 Grant High School Veteran TBA
3796 Bertie High School Sustaining Grant TBA
3952 Troy High School Veteran TBA
3953 Family/Community Veteran TBA
3966 L&N STEM Academy Veteran TBA
3991 Episcopal School Sustaining Grant TBA
4087 Benjamin Franklin High School Sustaining Grant TBA
4123 St. John Bosco High School & St Joseph High School-Lakewood Veteran TBA
4139 Scripps Ranch High School Sustaining Grant TBA
4160 Mission Bay High School Sustaining Grant TBA
4356 Chaffee Jr Sr High School Sustaining Grant TBA
4403 PrepaTec Laguna Sustaining Grant TBA
4414 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
4419 High Tech High North County RCG-Rookie TBA
4598 Alta High School Veteran TBA
4909 Billerica Memorial High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5049 Sunrise Mountain High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5124 West High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5261 Summer Creek High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5298 Energy Tech High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5448 Crossroads Charter Acad Mid HS Sustaining Grant TBA
5477 National Univ Acad 1001 STEAM Veteran TBA
5507 George Washington High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5603 Western High School Sustaining Grant TBA
5678 STEM3 Academy Sustaining Grant TBA
5686 Ethel Walker School Sustaining Grant TBA
5822 St Ignatius College Prep Sch Sustaining Grant TBA
6107 Family/Community & Mae Jemison High School Veteran TBA
6112 Munising Middle High School Sustaining Grant TBA
6214 Pender County Schools Veteran TBA
6574 Whitewater High School Veteran TBA
6636 Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences Sustaining Grant TBA
6800 Vandegrift High School Veteran TBA
6809 Autry Technology Center Veteran TBA
6829 Family/Community Veteran TBA
6904 Animo College Prep Acad Veteran TBA
6908 Family/Community Sustaining Grant TBA
6936 Family/Community & Bellbrook High School & Beavercreek High School Veteran TBA
7072 Opelika High School Veteran TBA
7104 Benedictine Military School Sustaining Grant TBA
7127 Longmeadow High School Sustaining Grant TBA
7157 Brea-Olinda High School Veteran TBA
7226 Waverly High School Veteran TBA
7272 HS for Environmental Studies Sustaining Grant TBA
7327 Oxnard High School Veteran TBA
7425 Green Valley High School Veteran TBA
7426 Southeast Career Tech Academy 2nd Year TBA
7427 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7428 Ft Payne High School 2nd Year TBA
7429 Chesterfield Tech Ctr-Hull 2nd Year TBA
7430 Marion High School 2nd Year TBA
7434 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7435 Boys & Girls Clubs of America 2nd Year TBA
7438 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7443 Overhills High School 2nd Year TBA
7445 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7449 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7454 North High School 2nd Year TBA
7457 Purdue Polytechnic High School 2nd Year TBA
7460 Sylvania STEM Center 2nd Year TBA
7462 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7463 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7470 Worth Co High School 2nd Year TBA
7477 Mishawaka High School 2nd Year TBA
7485 Moffat County High School 2nd Year TBA
7486 Hudson High School 2nd Year TBA
7494 Dulles High School 2nd Year TBA
7499 Upward Bound/TRIO 2nd Year TBA
7500 St Thomas Aquinas High School 2nd Year TBA
7502 Northridge High School 2nd Year TBA
7503 Family/Community Veteran TBA
7504 Brewster High School 2nd Year TBA
7514 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
7515 Wood County Voc Tech School 2nd Year TBA
7519 Clewiston High School 2nd Year TBA
7525 RePublic High School & Martin L King Jr Magnet School 2nd Year TBA
7528 Live Oak High School 2nd Year TBA
7531 Dubuque Hempstead High School & Dubuque Senior High School 2nd Year TBA
7537 Prairie View High School 2nd Year TBA
7538 Mountain View High School 2nd Year TBA
7541 Maple River High School 2nd Year TBA
7547 Apollo High School 2nd Year TBA
7548 Le Jardin Academy 2nd Year TBA
7553 Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southwest Veteran TBA
7560 De La Salle Institute- 2nd Year TBA
7578 Jamestown High School 2nd Year TBA
7599 Cristo Rey Philadelphia HS 2nd Year TBA
7608 Ogden International Hs-West 2nd Year TBA
7651 Bethlehem Central High School 2nd Year TBA
7652 Miami Beach Senior High School 2nd Year TBA
7657 New Tech Institute 2nd Year TBA
7661 New Orleans Charter Sci & Math Veteran TBA
7667 Family/Community & Napa Valley Independent Study 2nd Year TBA
7671 Falls Lake Academy 2nd Year TBA
7676 Thomson High School 2nd Year TBA
7686 Acalanes High School Second-Year TBA
7715 Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies Veteran TBA
7718 Home School 2nd Year TBA
7759 Irvington High School Veteran TBA
7890 Family/Community Veteran TBA
7907 White Mountains Regional HS Veteran TBA
8002 Lake Country School Rookie TBA
8014 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8016 Credo High School Rookie TBA
8019 Veterans Memorial High School Rookie TBA
8021 Paradise Honors High School Rookie TBA
8022 Northwest Career & Tech Acad Rookie TBA
8024 Sparta High School Rookie TBA
8025 Island Pacific Academy Rookie TBA
8026 Tennessee Robotics Club Rookie TBA
8027 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8029 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8030 East Lincoln High School Rookie TBA
8033 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8037 Van Wert High School Rookie TBA
8038 Bristow High School Rookie TBA
8043 Kamen STEM Rookie TBA
8044 The Denham Springs High School STEM and Robotics Center & Denham Springs High School Rookie TBA
8045 Castro Valley High School Rookie TBA
8046 Inter-Lakes Jr Sr High School Rookie TBA
8049 Ironwood Ridge High School Rookie TBA
8050 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8055 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8057 Home School & Mom's Guide to Robotics & Family/Community Rookie TBA
8060 Valencia High School Rookie TBA
8062 Hale High School Rookie TBA
8063 Drumright High School Rookie TBA
8064 Olive High School Rookie TBA
8069 Super Hornets Robotics Rookie TBA
8074 Wewoka High School Rookie TBA
8077 Family/Community Rookie TBA
8080 Sequoyah High School Rookie TBA
8083 Alexander High School Rookie TBA
8085 Family/Community & Joseph a Foran High School & Jonathan Law High School Rookie TBA
8086 Anadarko High School Rookie TBA
8088 Liberty Hill High School Rookie TBA
8090 Person Early Clg Innov & Ldrsp Rookie TBA
8091 North Monterey Co High School Rookie TBA
8093 Ranger Force Rookie TBA
8094 Statesboro High School & Southeast Bulloch High School & Trinity Christian School & Bulloch Academy Rookie TBA
8096 Univ of Chicago Lab School Rookie TBA
8097 AREA 27 Rookie TBA
8098 Willis High School Rookie TBA
8100 Grayson High School Rookie TBA
8108 Washington Co Cte Ctr Rookie TBA
8109 Piedmont Hills High School Rookie TBA
8112 Ottawa High School Rookie TBA
8116 Washington High School Rookie TBA
8118 Christ Episcopal School Rookie TBA
8122 Taft High School Rookie TBA
8124 Roosevelt High School Rookie TBA
8126 Vicksburg High School Rookie TBA
8134 Pope John Paul Ii High School Rookie TBA
8139 Cedar Creek High School Rookie TBA
8145 New Tech High School-East Rookie TBA
8148 Riverside High School Rookie TBA
8150 Westside High School Rookie TBA
8160 Rich South Campus High School & Rich East Campus High School & Rich Central Campus High Sch Rookie TBA
8167 Coginchaug Reg High School Rookie TBA
8205 Cape Fear Academy Rookie TBA
8216 John B Connally High School Rookie TBA
8234 Spring Lake Park High School Rookie TBA
8241 Manhattan Ctr Science & Math Rookie TBA
8255 Mt Pleasant School Rookie TBA
8269 Heritage High School Rookie TBA
8283 MLK Jr Early College Middle HS Rookie TBA
8289 Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School Rookie TBA
8306 Sierra Linda High School Rookie TBA
8334 Classical Academy-North Rookie TBA
8357 4-H Rookie TBA
Total Number of Teams Sponsored    190