NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsorship History

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This is not an official list. The information on this page is as accurate as of the post date of the grants for the given year. Teams that drop out over the season are not removed from the list.

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2011 NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsored Teams

Team Number Team Name Grant Type The Blue Alliance
1 Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast Autodesk TBA
34 Family/Community & Limestone Co Career Tech Ctr Veteran TBA
48 Warren G Harding High School Veteran TBA
114 Los Altos High School Veteran TBA
144 Butler Tech - Colerain High School & Butler Tech - Northwest High School New Veteran TBA
168 M.I.B. Veteran TBA
234 Perry Meridian High School Autodesk TBA
276 Choffin Career and Technical Center Veteran TBA
359 Waialua High & Interm School Veteran TBA
360 Bellarmine Preparatory School Veteran TBA
379 Girard High School Autodesk TBA
421 Alfred E Smith High School Veteran TBA
423 Cheltenham High School Veteran TBA
449 Montgomery Blair High School Veteran TBA
461 West Lafayette Jr Sr High Sch Autodesk TBA
473 Corvallis High School Veteran TBA
522 McKee Career Technical High School Autodesk TBA
597 James a Foshay Learning Ctr Autodesk TBA
606 King-Drew Medical Magnet HS Veteran TBA
611 Langley High School Veteran TBA
649 Saratoga High School Veteran TBA
675 Technology High School Autodesk TBA
696 Clark Magnet High School Veteran TBA
829 Walker Career Center Veteran TBA
842 Carl Hayden Cmty High School Veteran TBA
846 Lynbrook High School Veteran TBA
847 Philomath High School Autodesk TBA
935 Newton Senior High School Veteran TBA
938 Central Heights High School Veteran TBA
956 Santiam Christian Schools Veteran TBA
973 Atascadero High School & Atascadero Education Foundation Inc. Veteran TBA
995 Mark Keppel High School Veteran TBA
997 Corvallis High School Veteran TBA
1038 Lakota East High School & Lakota West High School & Neighborhood Group Veteran TBA
1086 Deep Run High School Autodesk TBA
1228 Rahway High School Veteran TBA
1249 Mingo County Career Center Veteran TBA
1279 Immaculata High School Veteran TBA
1311 Kell High School & Kennesaw Mountain High School & North Cobb High School Veteran TBA
1332 Plateau Valley School Veteran TBA
1372 Mira Mesa High School Autodesk TBA
1389 Walt Whitman High School Veteran TBA
1446 Friendship Pcs-Collegiate Acad Veteran TBA
1484 Hogg Middle School Veteran TBA
1501 Huntington County 4-H Robotics Veteran TBA
1510 Westview High School Veteran TBA
1519 Milford Area Youth Homeschoolers Enriching Minds Veteran TBA
1569 Century High School & Pocatello High School & Highland Senior High School Veteran TBA
1631 Coronado High School Veteran TBA
1714 Saint Thomas More High School Autodesk TBA
1720 Home School Veteran TBA
1729 Monadnock 4-H Robotics Club Veteran TBA
1731 Family/Community Veteran TBA
1748 Dunbar High School Veteran TBA
1775 Lincoln College Prep Academy Veteran TBA
1796 Queens Technical High School Veteran TBA
1865 Thurgood Marshall High School Veteran TBA
1880 East Harlem Tutorial Program Veteran TBA
1973 Brighton High School Veteran TBA
1986 Lee's Summit West High School Veteran TBA
2001 Ruskin High School Autodesk TBA
2036 Family/Community Veteran TBA
2053 Union-Endicott High School & Vestal Senior High School Veteran TBA
2055 Aletheum School Veteran TBA
2057 Arbor View High School & Computer and Robotics Club Veteran TBA
2062 Waukesha Acad of Health Prof & Waukesha South High School & West High School & Waukesha Engineering Prep & Waukesha North High School Veteran TBA
2156 Hiram Johnson High School Veteran TBA
2168 Robert E Fitch High School Veteran TBA
2194 Neighborhood Group & Fond Du Lac High School Veteran TBA
2199 Gerstell Academy & Family/Community & Century High School & Westminster High School & Glenelg Country School & Liberty High School Veteran TBA
2242 Edna Karr High School Veteran TBA
2342 Neighborhood Group Veteran TBA
2348 Moanalua High School Veteran TBA
2369 Meridian Technology Center Veteran TBA
2382 Colbert school Veteran TBA
2391 Broken Arrow Senior High School Veteran TBA
2399 Hathaway Brown School Veteran TBA
2402 James Monroe High School Veteran TBA
2438 Iolani School Veteran TBA
2441 Maryknoll High School Veteran TBA
2456 Tamalpais High School Alumni Association Veteran TBA
2465 Waimea Canyon Middle School & St Catherine School & Kauai High School & Kapaa High School Autodesk TBA
2468 Westlake High School Veteran TBA
2485 Francis Parker Veteran TBA
2502 Eden Prairie High School Veteran TBA
2534 Boys' Latin Sch of Maryland Veteran TBA
2582 Lufkin High School Veteran TBA
2587 M B Lamar High School & Carnegie-Vanguard High School Autodesk TBA
2603 Highland High School Veteran TBA
2642 Pitt County Schools Veteran TBA
2660 Arts and Technology High School Veteran TBA
2705 ISM Robotics Team Veteran TBA
2765 STARS Veteran TBA
2783 Family/Community Veteran TBA
2791 Shaker High School Veteran TBA
2797 East Ridge High School Veteran TBA
2813 Prospect High School Veteran TBA
2839 Escondido Charter High School Veteran TBA
2844 Stampede Robotics Veteran TBA
2849 Hammond High School Veteran TBA
2854 Evergreen Valley High School Veteran TBA
2855 Como Park Senior High School Veteran TBA
2859 Colorado School of Mines Robotics Outreach Veteran TBA
2861 Lincoln Jr Sr High School Veteran TBA
2866 Owings Mills High School Veteran TBA
2867 Elkhart Central High School & Elkhart Mem High School Veteran TBA
2869 Bethpage High School Veteran TBA
2890 Hickory High School Veteran TBA
2911 Coolidge Colts 2nd Year TBA
2912 Phelps Ace High School Autodesk TBA
2920 The Robo-Hawks Veteran TBA
2923 Aggies Veteran TBA
2941 Ben Logan Veteran TBA
2945 Manitou Springs High School Veteran TBA
2962 Eagles Veteran TBA
2963 Indians Veteran TBA
2974 Walton High School Veteran TBA
2987 Farmington High School Veteran TBA
3008 Kalani High School Veteran TBA
3017 Francis Lewis High School Veteran TBA
3053 Martin Van Buren High School Veteran TBA
3103 Duchesne Acad of Sacred Heart Veteran TBA
3123 Owen J. Robots 2nd Year TBA
3128 Canyon Crest Academy 2nd Year TBA
3130 East Ridge High School 2nd Year TBA
3131 Gladstone High School 2nd Year TBA
3135 Robotic Colonels 2nd Year TBA
3138 Innovators Robotics - Non-profit 2nd Year TBA
3139 Oxford High School 2nd Year TBA
3140 Farragut High School Veteran TBA
3142 Newton High School Veteran TBA
3144 Krypto-Knights 2nd Year TBA
3145 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
3146 Granby Memorial High School 2nd Year TBA
3149 The Incredibles 2nd Year TBA
3151 Gloucester Co Inst of Tech 2nd Year TBA
3154 Raiders 2nd Year TBA
3160 Family/Community & Grove High School 2nd Year TBA
3163 Wilson School 2nd Year TBA
3164 Jesuit High School 2nd Year TBA
3168 Warriors 2nd Year TBA
3169 Saints 2nd Year TBA
3172 Salina High School Central 2nd Year TBA
3176 Brownsburg High School 2nd Year TBA
3180 Indian Creek High School 2nd Year TBA
3182 4-H Veteran TBA
3184 Burnsville Senior High School 2nd Year TBA
3186 DECA 2nd Year TBA
3189 El Dorado Union High School District 2nd Year TBA
3192 Tigard High School 2nd Year TBA
3196 Pine Lake Preparatory School 2nd Year TBA
3200 Eaglecrest High School 2nd Year TBA
3202 Harding Senior High School 2nd Year TBA
3204 Mary Louis Academy Veteran TBA
3206 Woodbury High School 2nd Year TBA
3210 Falcons Autodesk TBA
3213 Thunder Tech 2nd Year TBA
3215 Grimsley Whirlies 2nd Year TBA
3216 Sentinel High School & Big Sky High School & Hellgate High School 2nd Year TBA
3218 Bonney Lake high school Autodesk TBA
3220 Liberty High School Autodesk TBA
3223 Central Kitsap High School & Olympic High School & Klahowya Secondary School 2nd Year TBA
3224 LHS Lion Hit Squad 2nd Year TBA
3225 Hunter High School 2nd Year TBA
3229 Family/Community & Holly Springs High School Veteran TBA
3238 Anacortes High School 2nd Year TBA
3241 DaVinci Academy of the Arts and Sciences Veteran TBA
3245 Waterford School 2nd Year TBA
3246 Vandals 2nd Year TBA
3247 Shawnee High School 2nd Year TBA
3250 John F Kennedy High School 2nd Year TBA
3262 BraveVikings 2nd Year TBA
3265 Indians 2nd Year TBA
3267 William Kelley High School 2nd Year TBA
3270 Cougars 2nd Year TBA
3271 Dragonbots 2nd Year TBA
3275 Cass Lake-Bena High School 2nd Year TBA
3276 New London-Spicer High School 2nd Year TBA
3278 Detroit Lakes High School Veteran TBA
3286 the rocketsurgeons 2nd Year TBA
3288 Big Piney High School 2nd Year TBA
3289 Juan Diego Catholic High Sch Autodesk TBA
3290 Bears 2nd Year TBA
3298 Pipestone Area Middle High Sch 2nd Year TBA
3299 Southwest Christian High Sch 2nd Year TBA
3300 Ortonville High School 2nd Year TBA
3306 Trojans 2nd Year TBA
3308 JHS Beavers 2nd Year TBA
3309 Cornelia Connelly School & Servite High School 2nd Year TBA
3310 Rockwall-Heath High School 2nd Year TBA
3311 Klamath Union High School Veteran TBA
3312 Silver Eagles 2nd Year TBA
3314 Clifton High School Veteran TBA
3315 Timberlake High School 2nd Year TBA
3318 RoboDragons 2nd Year TBA
3328 North Hollywood High School 2nd Year TBA
3329 Camden Co High School 2nd Year TBA
3340 Jose Marti STEM Academy & Union City High School 2nd Year TBA
3341 Westview High School Autodesk TBA
3374 Jackson Hole High School Veteran TBA
3389 Parkside High School - CTE & Parkside High School Veteran TBA
3411 Horn Lake High School Veteran TBA
3451 Sanford Regional Technical Ctr Rookie TBA
3453 Temecula Preparatory School Rookie TBA
3457 Macarthur High School Rookie TBA
3463 Salina Public School Rookie TBA
3465 Mustang High School Rookie TBA
3466 Nashoba Valley Technical High School Rookie TBA
3467 Windup Robotics 4-H Club Rookie TBA
3469 Alabama School of Math and Science Rookie TBA
3470 River Springs Charter School Rookie TBA
3471 Thomas Jefferson High School Rookie TBA
3474 Hampton Bays High School Rookie TBA
3476 Neighborhood Group Rookie TBA
3477 High Tech High Chula Vista Rookie TBA
3482 Westmont High School Rookie TBA
3484 Marysville Early College High School & Marysville High School Rookie TBA
3485 Bishop Ward High School Rookie TBA
3494 Bloomington High School South Rookie TBA
3498 Deer Creek High School Rookie TBA
3504 Linden Hall School for Girls & Kiski Area High School & North Allegheny Intermediate HS & North Allegheny Sr High School & Shaler Area High School & South Fayette Twp High School & Pittsburgh Allderdice High Sch & Mt Lebanon High School & City Charter Hig Rookie TBA
3507 Union High School Rookie TBA
3512 Orcutt Acad Charter High Sch Rookie TBA
3513 Lakeland High School Rookie TBA
3521 Shadow Hills High School Rookie TBA
3524 Courage Center Rookie TBA
3528 Metropolitan Community College - Business and Technology Center Rookie TBA
3540 Lake Norman High School Rookie TBA
3545 Stacey Jr Sr High School Rookie TBA
3549 Straughn High School Rookie TBA
3554 Laguna Creek High School Rookie TBA
3559 Jasper High School Rookie TBA
3566 St Mark's School Rookie TBA
3573 Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology Rookie TBA
3576 Clover Park High School Rookie TBA
3577 Notre Dame Preparatory HS Rookie TBA
3578 Fulton Science Academy High School Rookie TBA
3580 Mariner High School Rookie TBA
3581 Thinc Academy Rookie TBA
3587 Davenport High School Rookie TBA
3591 Westerville North High School & Westerville Central High Sch & Westerville South High School Rookie TBA
3593 Victory Christian School Rookie TBA
3598 School Engineering & Science Rookie TBA
3600 Morgan County High School Rookie TBA
3607 South Hunterdon Regional High School Rookie TBA
3612 Springdale High School Rookie TBA
3613 Olympia High School Rookie TBA
3627 Pine View School Rookie TBA
3628 Scottsboro High School Rookie TBA
3630 Breck School Rookie TBA
3635 Veterans High School & Warner Robins High School & Northside High School & Houston Co High School & Perry High School Rookie TBA
3636 Grant High School Rookie TBA
3637 Hunterdon Central Regional HS Rookie TBA
3642 Jackson County Central High School Rookie TBA
3643 Prairie View High School Rookie TBA
3645 Forest Hills High School Rookie TBA
3653 West Broward High School Rookie TBA
3659 American Senior High School Rookie TBA
3660 Home School Rookie TBA
3670 South Queens Boys and Girls Club Rookie TBA
3673 Seaside High School Rookie TBA
3677 El Rancho High School Rookie TBA
3685 Waianae High School Rookie TBA
3690 Groves Academy Rookie TBA
3691 Northfield High School Rookie TBA
3693 Rogers High School Rookie TBA
3729 Regis Jesuit Boys High School Rookie TBA
3750 Badger School Rookie TBA
3760 Bronx Aerospace High School Rookie TBA
3776 Woodland High School Rookie TBA
3784 Bit by Bit 4-H Rookie TBA
3795 Garland High School Rookie TBA
3798 St. John's Military School Rookie TBA
3800 Kalaheo High School Rookie TBA
3807 Overland High School Rookie TBA
Total Number of Teams Sponsored    276