NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsorship History

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This is not an official list. The information on this page is as accurate as of the post date of the grants for the given year. Teams that drop out over the season are not removed from the list.

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2008 NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsored Teams

Team Number Team Name Grant Type The Blue Alliance
25 North Brunswick Township HS Regional TBA
359 Waialua High & Interm School Regional TBA
368 Pres William Mckinley High Sch 2nd year TBA
388 Grundy High School Awarded TBA
597 James a Foshay Learning Ctr Regional TBA
846 Lynbrook High School Regional TBA
1439 Benjamin E. Mays High School 2nd year TBA
1838 "Madison High School SpaceGrant TBA
1984 Shawnee Mission South High Sch Regional TBA
1985 Hazelwood Central High School Regional TBA
1991 4-H & University High School 2nd year TBA
1998 Robichaud Mddle School & Robichaud High School Regional TBA
2002 Tualatin High School 2nd year TBA
2010 Champion High School 2nd year TBA
2014 "General Motors Foundation/Valtec Hydraulics Program Growth TBA
2015 Aalderink Electric Co. & Wavecrest High School Regional TBA
2016 New Jersey School for the Deaf & Ewing High School 2nd year TBA
2021 Fredericksburg Academy 2nd year TBA
2028 Phoebus High School 2nd year TBA
2029 Sun Valley Charter High School 2nd year TBA
2031 American Electric Power/Battelle/Columbus State Community College/Columbus Public Schools & Southeast Career Center High School & Walnut Ridge High School 2nd year TBA
2034 Legacy High School Regional TBA
2035 Carmel High School 2nd year TBA
2037 AFNORTH American DODEA High School Regional TBA
2038 Caterpillar Inc & Spalding Co High School 2nd year TBA
2039 Family/Community Regional TBA
2040 Dunlap High School Regional TBA
2042 Academy of the Canyons Middle College High School Regional TBA
2046 Tahoma High School 2nd year TBA
2057 Arbor View High School & Computer and Robotics Club Regional TBA
2060 "Baker Hughes-Centrilift/Crosby Group Regional TBA
2061 Canyon Spings High School Regional TBA
2062 Waukesha Acad of Health Prof & Waukesha South High School & West High School & Waukesha Engineering Prep & Waukesha North High School Regional TBA
2065 NASA Stennis Space Center & H W. Byers High School Regional TBA
2066 Southwest High School Regional TBA
2067 4H 2nd year TBA
2068 Osbourn Park High School 2nd year TBA
2070 Ridgefield Memorial High Sch 2nd year TBA
2075 West Catholic High School 2nd year TBA
2078 St Paul's School Regional TBA
2080 Hammond High School Regional TBA
2081 Peoria Heights High School & Peoria Notre Dame High School Regional TBA
2083 Conifer Senior High School 2nd year TBA
2085 Vaca High School 2nd year TBA
2090 Punahou School Regional TBA
2092 Beaufort High School 2nd year TBA
2108 Green Hope High School 2nd year TBA
2116 Stoughton High School Regional TBA
2119 Sequoyah High School 2nd year TBA
2129 Southwest High School Regional TBA
2130 Bonners Ferry High School 2nd year TBA
2132 Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High 2nd year TBA
2136 Lane Tech College Prep High School & Victoria Soto High School & Kipp Ascend MS & Farragut Career Academy Regional TBA
2137 Oxford High School 2nd year TBA
2139 SNVTC High School Regional TBA
2143 Immanuel Lutheran High School Regional TBA
2147 West Valley High School 2nd year TBA
2149 Central Valley High School 2nd year TBA
2151 Proviso Math & Science Academy Regional TBA
2152 Spruce Creek High School 2nd year TBA
2153 Chassell Township High School Regional TBA
2159 San Leandro HIgh School 2nd year TBA
2161 Walt Whitman High School 2nd year TBA
2164 Harrisonville High School 2nd year TBA
2165 Tri County Technology Center 2nd year TBA
2170 Glastonbury High School 2nd year TBA
2171 Crown Point High School Regional TBA
2173 St. Stanislaus College HIgh School Regional TBA
2176 Starkville Academy Regional TBA
2180 Steinert High School-East 2nd year TBA
2182 Slidell High School Regional TBA
2187 Academy for Tech & Academics 2nd year TBA
2190 Petal High School Regional TBA
2191 Nottingham High School-North 2nd year TBA
2192 Newport High School 2nd year TBA
2194 Neighborhood Group & Fond Du Lac High School Regional TBA
2199 Gerstell Academy & Family/Community & Century High School & Westminster High School & Glenelg Country School & Liberty High School 2nd year TBA
2202 Brookfield East High School & Brookfield Central High School Regional TBA
2332 Fairview High School Rookie TBA
2333 Sapulpa High School Rookie TBA
2336 Cosby High School Rookie TBA
2338 Oswego High School & Oswego East High School Rookie TBA
2339 Antelope Valley High School Rookie TBA
2341 Gordon Cooper Technology Center Rookie TBA
2342 Neighborhood Group Rookie TBA
2344 Saunders Trade & Tech High Sch Rookie TBA
2348 Moanalua High School Regional TBA
2349 Wayland High School Rookie TBA
2354 Duncan High School Rookie TBA
2357 Raymore-Peculiar High School Rookie TBA
2359 Edmond Santa Fe High School Rookie TBA
2371 Morris High School Rookie TBA
2372 Elgin Public Schools Rookie TBA
2373 Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Rookie TBA
2376 Bishop Kelley High School Rookie TBA
2378 Taloga High School Rookie TBA
2385 Wright Christian Academy Rookie TBA
2387 Columbus Alternative High Schoo Rookie TBA
2391 Broken Arrow Senior High School Rookie TBA
2395 Oklahoma County 4-H Rookie TBA
2399 Hathaway Brown School Rookie TBA
2400 Sheridan High School Rookie TBA
2402 James Monroe High School Rookie TBA
2409 Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School Rookie TBA
2411 Alliance High School-Meek Rookie TBA
2415 Westminster School Rookie TBA
2422 Ridge Community High School Rookie TBA
2423 Watertown High School Rookie TBA
2425 Hillsborough High School Rookie TBA
2426 Mountain Valley Academy part of Ramona Community School Rookie TBA
2435 Great Plains Technology Center Rookie TBA
2438 Iolani School Regional TBA
2439 H.P. Baldwin High School Regional TBA
2440 Saint Louis School Regional TBA
2441 Maryknoll High School Regional TBA
2445 Kapolei High School Regional TBA
2454 Radford High School Regional TBA
2455 Honoka'a High Regional TBA
2460 Kohala High School Regional TBA
2462 Marine Military Academy Rookie TBA
2464 Pahrump Valley High School Rookie TBA
2465 Waimea Canyon Middle School & St Catherine School & Kauai High School & Kapaa High School Regional TBA
2466 Waimea High School Regional TBA
2467 James Campbell High School Regional TBA
2468 Westlake High School Rookie TBA
2469 Idabel High School Rookie TBA
2471 Camas High School & Washougal High School & Hockinson High School Rookie TBA
2473 Cupertino High School Rookie TBA
2475 Parker School Regional TBA
2477 Waipahu High School Regional TBA
2483 Westover High School Rookie TBA
2488 Studio Academy Charter High School Rookie TBA
2493 River Springs Charter School Rookie TBA
2504 Gov Wallace R Farrington HS Regional TBA
2512 Duluth East High School Rookie TBA
2517 Evergreen High School Rookie TBA
2522 Lynnwood High School Rookie TBA
2523 St Johnsbury Academy Rookie TBA
2528 Western High School Rookie TBA
2534 Boys' Latin Sch of Maryland Rookie TBA
2536 Carver Vocational Technical High School Rookie TBA
2537 Atholton High School Rookie TBA
2539 Hershey High School & Palmyra Area Senior High Sch Rookie TBA
2540 South Pontotoc High School Regional TBA
2542 Gresham High School Rookie TBA
2545 Columbia Heights High School Rookie TBA
2546 Digital Harbor High School Rookie TBA
2547 Bay View High School Rookie TBA
2548 Genesis High School Rookie TBA
2549 Washburn High School Rookie TBA
2550 Alliance Charter Academy & Clackamas Web Academy & North Clackamas Christian Sch & Clackamas Acad-Industrial Sci Rookie TBA
2553 Pearl High School Regional TBA
2554 John P Stevens High School Rookie TBA
2556 Niceville High School Regional TBA
2579 Long Island City High School Awarded TBA
2580 St. Augustine High School Rookie TBA
2581 Carroll High School Rookie TBA
2582 Lufkin High School Awarded TBA
2590 Robbinsville High School Rookie TBA
2595 Wallis Annenberg High School Rookie TBA
2596 James J. Ferris High School Rookie TBA
2597 Sterling High School Rookie TBA
2599 Alternative Education Program Rookie TBA
2603 Highland High School Rookie TBA
2614 MARS & NASA Rookie TBA
Total Number of Teams Sponsored    167