VEX Robotics

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The VEX Robotics Competition provides schools and students with an affordable education based platform and competition experience that inspires and creates interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Combining an educational experience with a sports-like atmosphere that also promotes the development of social and teamwork skills in addition to academic STEM skills, the VEX Robotics Competition is an exciting, engaging, and affordable program for all schools and students enjoy.

NASA RAP has supported the VEX Robotics Competition in a number of ways, including webcasting events, providing local logistical support, and funding event and team development.

+ Visit the VEX 123 robotics website
+ Visit the VEX AI robotics website
+ Visit the VEX EDR robotics website
+ Visit the VEX GO robotics website
+ Visit the VEX IQ robotics website
+ Visit the REC Foundation’s webpage regarding VEX Team Grants & Fundraising