NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsorship History

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This is not an official list. The information on this page is as accurate as of the post date of the grants for the given year. Teams that drop out over the season are not removed from the list.

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2013 NASA's FIRST Robotics Sponsored Teams

Team Number Team Name Grant Type The Blue Alliance
71 Area Career Center Veteran TBA
321 Central High School Veteran TBA
423 Cheltenham High School Veteran TBA
801 Merritt Island Christian Sch & Cocoa Beach Jr Sr High School & Merritt Island High School & Edgewood Jr Sr High School Veteran TBA
1195 Patriots Technology Training C Veteran TBA
1251 Broward County 4-H Association Veteran TBA
1533 Neighborhood Group Veteran TBA
1569 Century High School & Pocatello High School & Highland Senior High School Veteran TBA
1729 Monadnock 4-H Robotics Club Veteran TBA
1775 Lincoln College Prep Academy Veteran TBA
1827 Center High School Veteran TBA
2029 Sun Valley Charter High School Veteran TBA
2057 Arbor View High School & Computer and Robotics Club Veteran TBA
2059 Athens Drive Magnet High Sch Regional TBA
2083 Conifer Senior High School Veteran TBA
2104 South High Community School Veteran TBA
2134 Corona del Sol High School Veteran TBA
2261 Casa de la Esperanza Learning Center Veteran TBA
2360 Arsenal Technical High School New Veteran TBA
2374 Jesuit High School Veteran TBA
2391 Broken Arrow Senior High School Veteran TBA
2411 Alliance High School-Meek Veteran TBA
2435 Great Plains Technology Center Veteran TBA
2449 Out of Orbit Labs Veteran TBA
2557 Industrial Design Engineering and Art High School & Science & Math Institute & Tacoma School of the Arts Veteran TBA
2761 Clovis North High School Veteran TBA
2789 Manor New Tech High School Veteran TBA
2813 Prospect High School Veteran TBA
2830 Riverside University High Sch Veteran TBA
2866 Owings Mills High School Veteran TBA
2909 Rochester Cmty High School Veteran TBA
2911 Coolidge Colts Veteran TBA
2923 Aggies Veteran TBA
2973 Bob Jones High School & James Clemens High School Veteran TBA
3013 Vallejo Robotics Veteran TBA
3015 Spencerport High School Veteran TBA
3024 Ashland High School Veteran TBA
3041 Chula Vista High School Veteran TBA
3142 Newton High School Veteran TBA
3180 Indian Creek High School Veteran TBA
3186 DECA Veteran TBA
3229 Family/Community & Holly Springs High School Veteran TBA
3236 Tri-County RVTHS Veteran TBA
3255 San Pasqual High School Veteran TBA
3329 Camden Co High School Veteran TBA
3352 4-H Youth Development Organization & Boone County Extension Veteran TBA
3389 Parkside High School - CTE & Parkside High School Veteran TBA
3459 The Forge Initiative Inc. Regional TBA
3502 SAIL High School Regional TBA
3506 Queen City Robotics Alliance Regional TBA
3521 Shadow Hills High School Veteran TBA
3524 Courage Center Veteran TBA
3600 Morgan County High School Veteran TBA
3616 Tm Landry College Preparatory & Southside High School & Thibodaux STEM Magnet Acad & Ovey Comeaux High School & Lafayette High School Veteran TBA
3635 Veterans High School & Warner Robins High School & Northside High School & Houston Co High School & Perry High School Veteran TBA
3737 4-H Regional TBA
3780 Wheeler School Veteran TBA
3784 Bit by Bit 4-H Veteran TBA
3787 Ocosta High School Veteran TBA
3843 Murray-Calloway Co Area Tech & CALLOWAY COUNTY 4H & Calloway Co High School & Murray High School Veteran TBA
3844 Lynn Camp Middle High School Veteran TBA
3926 Mounds Park Academy 2nd Year TBA
3930 Spruce Mountain High School 2nd Year TBA
3931 Chickasha High School 2nd Year TBA
3936 Michigan City High School 2nd Year TBA
3937 Harding Academy 2nd Year TBA
3939 4-H 2nd Year TBA
3940 Northwestern High School 2nd Year TBA
3942 Northark Technical Center 2nd Year TBA
3944 Tempe Preparatory Academy 2nd Year TBA
3947 Knightstown High School 2nd Year TBA
3952 Troy High School 2nd Year TBA
3958 Boston College High School 2nd Year TBA
3967 Caslte Park High School 2nd Year TBA
3968 Northwest Robotics 2nd Year TBA
3970 Duncan Polytechnical High Sch 2nd Year TBA
3971 North Buncombe High School Regional TBA
3973 Platte County High School 2nd Year TBA
3974 Bishop Mcdevitt High School 2nd Year TBA
3991 Episcopal School 2nd Year TBA
3992 Atlantic Community High School Regional TBA
3998 Bulloch Academy 2nd Year TBA
4003 Allendale High School 2nd Year TBA
4005 Ft Gibson High School 2nd Year TBA
4006 Central Islip Senior High School 2nd Year TBA
4008 Pike Central High School 2nd Year TBA
4013 Orlando Science Middle & HS Regional TBA
4019 Bridges Academy 2nd Year TBA
4037 Lakeside High School 2nd Year TBA
4038 Olympic High School 2nd Year TBA
4043 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
4046 Helen Bernstein High School 2nd Year TBA
4048 Westborough High School 2nd Year TBA
4052 South Fort Myers High School Regional TBA
4057 Family/Community & Klamath Basin Robotics 2nd Year TBA
4058 Union County High School 2nd Year TBA
4064 4-H Youth Development Organization 2nd Year TBA
4065 Lake Minneola High School 2nd Year TBA
4067 River Hill High School 2nd Year TBA
4083 Woodland High School Regional TBA
4088 Port Charlotte High School 2nd Year TBA
4089 Cedarcrest High School 2nd Year TBA
4090 Southside High School 2nd Year TBA
4099 Poolesville High School 2nd Year TBA
4108 A. Philip Randolph Campus High School 2nd Year TBA
4110 Brookings Harbor High School 2nd Year TBA
4115 Clinton-Massie Local Schools 2nd Year TBA
4118 P K Yonge Dev Research School 2nd Year TBA
4121 Hoover High School 2nd Year TBA
4122 Ossining High School 2nd Year TBA
4127 Vernonia High School & Vernonia Middle School 2nd Year TBA
4132 david douglas high school 2nd Year TBA
4134 Amsterdam High School 2nd Year TBA
4136 Lake Area New Tech Early College High School 2nd Year TBA
4137 Wilde Lake Senior High 2nd Year TBA
4143 Metamora High School 2nd Year TBA
4144 Animo Inglewood Charter High School 2nd Year TBA
4146 Saguaro High School 2nd Year TBA
4153 Los Alamos High School Regional TBA
4174 Buffalo Lke-Hector Stewrt Jshs 2nd Year TBA
4183 Family/Community 2nd Year TBA
4203 Oneonta Senior High School 2nd Year TBA
4213 4-H Veteran TBA
4218 Island Pacific Academy 2nd Year TBA
4224 Seacrest Country Day School Regional TBA
4251 Boys and Girls Club of Gallup 2nd Year TBA
4266 New Oxford High School 2nd Year TBA
4279 Holy Family Catholic Home Educators Veteran TBA
4281 The Center School 2nd Year TBA
4289 Mifflin County High School 2nd Year TBA
4292 Lockport Twp High School-East Veteran TBA
4386 Morgan County 4H & Brush High School Veteran TBA
4450 Capital High School & Avanti High School & Olympia High School Rookie TBA
4451 Laurens District High School Rookie TBA
4455 Warrensburg High School Rookie TBA
4459 Chapel Hill High School & Lithia Springs High School Rookie TBA
4460 Green MASHine Rookie TBA
4472 Family/Community Rookie TBA
4473 Family/Community & Hall-Dale Middle High School Rookie TBA
4480 Upsala Area School Rookie TBA
4484 Penn State Extension in Clearfield County Rookie TBA
4485 Danville Cmty High School Rookie TBA
4486 North Co Trade Tech High Sch Rookie TBA
4487 Oologah-Talala Public Schools Rookie TBA
4488 Glencoe High School Rookie TBA
4498 Boy's and Girl's Club of Greater Sacramento Rookie TBA
4499 Neaera Robotics Rookie TBA
4500 Clayton High School Rookie TBA
4501 New Roads High School Rookie TBA
4505 Mcdonogh School Rookie TBA
4508 Family/Community Rookie TBA
4509 Lanier High School Rookie TBA
4512 Cascade High School Rookie TBA
4514 Northern High School & Huntingtown High School Rookie TBA
4516 Blessed Trinity Catholic HS Rookie TBA
4517 Archimedean Upper Conservatory Regional TBA
4520 Kootenai Technical Education Campus Rookie TBA
4522 Smith-Cotton High School Rookie TBA
4528 John Bowne H.S. Rookie TBA
4531 Two Rivers High School Rookie TBA
4533 Wando High School Rookie TBA
4534 Family/Community Regional TBA
4538 Warwick High School Rookie TBA
4546 Dover High School Rookie TBA
4551 Benton House Rookie TBA
4555 Somerset Career and Technical Center Rookie TBA
4556 River Springs Charter School Magnolia Student Center Rookie TBA
4557 Xavier High School Rookie TBA
4559 Washington Network for Innovative Careers Rookie TBA
4571 Manhattan Ctr Science & Math Rookie TBA
4572 Joel Barlow High School Rookie TBA
4581 Rangeview High School Rookie TBA
4582 Myrtle Beach High School Rookie TBA
4585 Hillcrest High School Regional TBA
4587 Jersey Village High School Rookie TBA
4589 Kingwood Park High School Rookie TBA
4593 Central High School & Stevens High School Rookie TBA
4598 Alta High School Regional TBA
4601 Canfield High School Rookie TBA
4607 Becker High School Rookie TBA
4611 Olentangy High School & Orange High School & Liberty High School Rookie TBA
4616 Montgomery High School Rookie TBA
4624 Owatonna High School Rookie TBA
4632 Monticello High School Rookie TBA
4637 St Hubert's Catholic Girls HS Rookie TBA
4646 4-H Youth Development Organization Rookie TBA
4651 Dover-Eyota High School Rookie TBA
4653 Don Bosco Preparatory High Sch Rookie TBA
4654 Mt. Baker High School Rookie TBA
4655 Honenegah Cmty High School Rookie TBA
4656 Two Harbors High School Rookie TBA
4657 St Croix Falls High School Rookie TBA
4671 Healy High School Rookie TBA
4674 Bemidji High School Rookie TBA
4684 eSharks Rookie TBA
4692 Toutle Lake School Rookie TBA
4730 Monroe Comprehensive HS Rookie TBA
4792 Cheyenne High School Rookie TBA
4795 East Chapel Hill High School Regional TBA
4824 Logansport High School Regional TBA
Total Number of Teams Sponsored    200