RAP Hall of Fame

August 11, 2006

Ames Research Center

Congratulations to the following university students from around the country who graduated from the inaugural NASA Ames Research Center Robotics Academy:

Nir Ackner
Nicolas Armstrong-Crews
Jason Catlin
Christopher Edmonds
David Ferguson
Joseph Gannon
Andrew Hundt
Stephen Kuhn
Paul Mandel
Patrick Mihelich
Steven Morris
Joshua Wainer
Alexander Williams
Melody Wu

April 22, 2006

Dr. David Miller

David Miller received the 1st annual Dave Lavery Technology Award from NASA for Botball. The award is granted to people who work to increase the number of students pursing doctoral work in robotics. To be considered for this award, the individual’s efforts need to be sustainable, scale-able, relative, interesting to spectators, and contain clear evaluation metrics. Dr. Miller created Botball, which masterfully accomplishes all of these categories.