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Watch archived robot courses and webcasts

Gather resources to help you learn about robotics

Try one of our robotics challenges

Check out competitions around the world


Check out these universities that offer robotics

Learn about Women in Computer Science at CMU

Visit the Humanoid Robotics Group at MIT

Give your teacher ideas on using robotics in the classroom


Build your own rockets and spaceships

Find out how NASA's prepares humans for space

Think about what you would take on a trip to Mars


NASA Kids has fun games, activities and stories

See pages for grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and post secondary

Check out NASA's image of the day

View from the space station and beyond


Visit "Do Science" for science experiments and activities

Take a tour of the solar system at "The Nine Planets"

Have fun with astronomy at

Learn the basics of astronomy at "Astro for Kids"


Find fun facts about Saturn's moons

Read the online book "Two Friends Go To Saturn"

Learn what makes Saturn special

Build a simple model of the Cassini spacecraft


Explore and learn at Amazing Space

Check out NASA's Virtual Astronaut

Find new opportunities at SpaceKids

Try your hand at the NASA Qwhiz!


Check out these fun Mars facts and activities

Try some cool NASA activities for kids

Learn from NASA's SCIence Files

Find out more about the


Learn about Humans in Space

Find out what it takes to be an astronaut!

Check on NASA Human Space Flight

Read biographies of current and former astronauts


Send rocks from your backyard to NASA scientists

Learn about the Mars Exploration Student Data Team

Explore Mars at MarsQuest Online!

Kids--don't forget about the Mars Fun Zone!


MarsQuest Online allows you to explore Mars

Check out the NASA Student Involvement Program

Learn about the Athena Student Interns Program

Learn about the Red Rover Goes to Mars Program


Keep track of the Mars rovers

Learn about the instruments at Athena

Make some cool stuff from the Space Place

Check out the Passport to Knowledge Kids' Corner

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