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What Can You Do With Robotics?

Check out two software engineers working with underwater robots.

Former MIT students started Yobotics using what they learned in school and in the lab to work on robots that walk and on medical robotics. They are working toward the vision that, in the future, robots will play a role in everyday life.

Zach Radding, of Zach's Cool Stuff, is working on his dream of building a robotics workshop where students and the public can have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about electronics, robotics, mechanics and computers through the building of their own projects.

Want to Work at NASA?

- NASA-wide Jobs

- Spaceflight Jobs

- Student Programs

Interested in College Robotics?

- Check out our list of universities where you can study robotics!

- NASA's Planetary Science Summer School offers a "crash course" in the process of developing a mission concept into reality.

- University and government programs

- Telerobotics facilities

- University robotics list

- Robotics Online

- Institute for Educational Advancement apprenticeships!

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