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Learn about NASA's Return to Flight.

Read some Stories from Space.

Try your hand at NASA's interactive multimedia.

Watch newsbreaks and more from NASA's Kids Science News Network.


Online exhibits at the Tech Museum of Innovation introduce you to space, robotics, and more.

Boston's Museum of Science has lot of virtual exhibits.

Check out the Exploratorium's online activities.

The Science Museum in London has interactives and online exhibits.


Learn about the X Prize for human space travel

Don't forget about this year's robotics events and competitions.

Artists work at NASA, too. Check out their images of humans and robots in space.

Read about the new lunar rovers.

Check out MBARI's underwater explorers.


Resources for learning more about robots and robotics

Try the Science Channel's robot quiz

Check out the Robot Hall of Fame

Take a NASA Qwhiz --including one on robotics!


View pictures and movies of a hybrid robot at JPL

Check out NASA's robotic explorers website

Try this mosaic robot puzzle

Learn about NASA's different robot helpers


Check out JPL's Kids Page

Explore the universe online with NASA Quest

Learn about resources for students

Learn about Mars at the Athena Kids Page


Follow this webcast to make a robot at home

Get ideas for building robots at

Don't have a lot of materials? Try the
Spaceplace projects!

Find even more projects at the NASA Kids Page


Watch our archived webcasts about robotics, Mars, and more!

Check out the Mars Program's webcasts and videos

Watch NASA videos

Follow the latest Dive and Discover mission in the Galapagos


Learn about JPL's

Read about
Robonaut on

Build things, play games, and learn facts at

Tune in to the FIRST
National Competition April 22-23


Lots of robotics competitions are coming up!

Check out a Botball competition in your area

Visit a FIRST robotics competition near you

Don't forget to try our student robotics challenges


Learn about student employment at NASA

Check out universities that offer programs in robotics

Encourage your teacher to apply for summer institutes

Watch some archived robotics webcasts


Watch "One Year on Mars" online

Visit the rover home page for the Top 10 images of 2004

Check out an "Imagine Mars" webcast

Look into the "Rock Around the World" project

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