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Watch videos of Kismet, an expressive robot from MIT.

Learn about building your own robot at Home-Robot.

Read the story of A Little Rock on Mars.

Try designing your own robot online.


Check out NASA's Bulldozer Robots!

Follow along with the Aero & Space comic from NASA Langley Research Center.

Print out pages of the Space Coloring Book -- including the Lunar Rover.

Learn about planetary flight at NASA Quest.

Start a team and Design a Mission to Mars!

Control your own Remotely Operated Robot.

Try out the Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets.


Check out this video about Rovers on Mars

Learn about the JPL's Sensor Webs Project

View some 3D Mars Virtual Landing Sites

Play around with NASA Kids projects and games

Send your name to Mars!

See how Technology Imitates Nature


Check out Space Day's Mission: Fun

Got a question? Ask Dr. Universe!

Get involved in NASA's Mars exploration at Just for Kids!

Try your hand at building a NASA spacecraft!

Learn about rockets from the experts at Marshall Space Flight Center!


Test your robot knowledge with this quiz!!!

Watch WORM Robotics Team videos!

Explore the "Hands-On Universe"!

Visit the Kids on the Moon Project!

Check out the robots on USC's Robotics Research Lab!

Learn about Basic Beam Robotics!

Interested in biomechanics? Check out these mechanical snakes!


Follow the Mars on Earth 2001 team as they live in a simulated Mars lander in the Arctic!

Visit Goddard Space Flight Center's FIRST web site!

Check out Robonaut under construction at the Johnson Space Center!

NASA Ames is developing the Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) to support future space missions.

Take a look at JPL's tactile, mobile, urban robot, Urbie!


Cool NASA Kids' sites:

Check out the forefront of technology at


Want to know what NASA's up to with robotics?!?

Learn from Robots 101 at JSC's ROVer Ranch!

Visit the Future Scientists and Engineers of America -- maybe you can even start your own club!


Visit Robotics: Sensing, Thinking, Acting to learn more about the history, art, ethics, and control of robots!

Curious? Check out "Why Do We Explore Space?"

Interested in Mars? Visit the Mars Education page!

Check out RoboCamp 2001!

Want to find cool robotics projects to do? Visit the Technology Education Index!


Check San Francisco Robotic Society of America's Project Page for cool projects!

Sun-synchronous robotic exploration at the Field Robotics Center.

The LAPIS 3 website has information about the prototype Mars rover, FIDO, and the LAPIS 3 Student Mission!

Visit Quest for opportunities to "chat" with an astronaut, learn about women in space, and more!

Check out this extensive list of robotics competitions and events!


Cool site from Palo Alto High School's FIRST Robotics Team!

Kennedy Space Center's FIRST Competition Site.

Langley Research Center's FIRST Competition Site.

Team home pages of FIRST participants.


Visit the Robotic Systems Technology Branch at Johnson Space Center:

JPL's Technology Gallery has pictures of generations of robots and rovers.

Interested in Robot Projects? Visit to look at projects made by other robot enthusiasts and get ideas for your own!


Check out home demos and information from the Athena Science Payload (flying to Mars in 2003) site:

NASA's Planetary Photojournal is a continuously updated database of publicly released images from various Solar System exploration programs:

The LAPIS program involves high school students in testing the prototype Mars rover, FIDO. Check out the student team's web site at:

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