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Cool Links Archive

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Play games

Try your hand at art or stories

Check out some fun activities

Take a look at "News for Kids"

Watch the Earth Crew missions


Learn "How Everyday Things Are Made" via video

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Student Zone

Figure out your age on another planet on NASA's kids page

Try the Beginners Guide to Aeronautics

Try the activity "Can a robot tie your shoes?"


Try some spacecraft models at JPL Kids

Check out the home demos at the Athena Science site

Fun projects and tutorials at Zach's Cool Stuff

"Make Spacey Things" at the Spaceplace


Chat with NASA scientists at Goddard's Space Chats

Learn from the Kid's Science News Network

Check out Science@NASA (or read it in Spanish!)

Do games and activities at the NASA Kids site


The Tech Museum's timeline from 1726-1978

The Robots & AI timeline from the Computer History Museum

The U. of Texas Robotics Research Group's history of robots

Images that show the history of JPL's microrovers


Check out games and activities on NASA's Kids website

Let JPL's Kids Laugh & Learn take you to new adventures

Make, do, and learn spacey things at Spaceplace

Visit the Fun Space at the Kennedy Space Center website

Learn about the Mars Exploration Rovers before they launch

Watch the Mars Exploration Rover videos


Check out the Mars Fun Zone

Do cool Mars activities with Bill Nye, the Science Guy


Learn about the "Machinists to the Stars" at JPL

"Way Cool Scientists" of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission

JPL Engineers creating robots for the future

Find out about some of the "Women Working on Mars"


Learn how Stanford University is mimicking cockroaches with robots

Check out the cuddly Leonardo robot at MIT

Try the Palm Pilot Robot Kit from Carnegie Mellon U.

Visit the Center for Underwater Technology at University of Hawaii


Get your teacher to apply for Athena Student Interns

Take picture of Mars with the Mars Student Imaging Project

Imagine Mars through art, dance, and music

Try cool home demos on the Athena Science website


Get to know Grace, the Social Robot.

Check out the emotions of MIT's "Kismet"

Learn about Honda's Asimo, the Humanoid Robot

Find out more about the "Brains Behind the Bot" at JPL


7th and 8th graders, check out the Future City Competition

Try the Robotic Technology and Engineering Challenge

Middle and high school students can try BEST Robotics

All ages can do the Trinity Firefighting Robot Contest

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