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Our High School RoboAcad Program - the "Cadets"

The RoboAcad Cadet program is designed to give promising high school students (aged 16 and 17 years old) the chance to experience robotic engineering at NASA Ames Research Center in northern California. Students participating in the RoboAcad Cadet program will have the unparalleled opportunity to help design and build robots at NASA Ames, take NASA Ames tours, and attend some lectures. The RoboAcad Cadet program is an exciting way for engineering and robotics-focused high school students to acquire valuable hands-on experience, and to interact with and learn from professionals working in the field.

Upon turning 18 years of age, RoboAcad Cadets who show technical promise and demonstrate to be a good team member, will have the opportunity to apply for admission as a regular college intern in the RoboAcad program in following years.

Qualified high school students wishing to apply for the RoboAcad Cadet program should be aware that due to Federal and State child labor laws and NASA regulations, there are a number of RoboAcad activities in which Cadets will not be allowed to participate. These limitation include:

  • All Cadets should acquire a $3,000 stipend, however,they have the option to work without compensation if they have been approved through the review process.
  • Cadets will not be allowed to use power or metal shop tools.
  • Cadets may not work more than 40 hours per week, work past 6pm, or on weekends.
  • Cadets must live at home or with a friend or relative (as designated by their parent or legal guardian). Cadets may not rent apartments or live with the RoboAcad college interns.
  • Cadets must have a reliable means of transportation to and from NASA Ames Research Center. NASA cannot provide transportation for Cadets and cannot provide supervision at any time other than for work-related RoboAcad activities at NASA Ames Research Center.

Please note that for legal reasons, a parent or legal guardian must be the one who signs and submits the application via US Mail or FAX Also, all students (college or cadets) must certify that they have health insurance.

There are no planned RoboAcad sessions at NASA Ames Research Center.

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Curator: Robotics Academy Staff
NASA Official: Brenda Collins
Last Updated: May 29, 2018
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