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Robotics Alliance Project

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Robotics Alliance Project Objectives

Robotics Alliance Project Objectives (Level 1, FY10)
RAP-I-73 Disseminate and advocate the Robotics Alliance Mission to the public via Broadcast Television, Internet web broadcasting, the World Wide Web, and hard copy publications. Funded
RAP-I-75 Develop, Strengthen and Sustain Federal, Industrial and Academic Collaborations to reduce overall cost of implementing the Robotics Alliance Mission. Funded
RAP-II-71 Invest in the workforce pipeline by recruiting students via robotics competitions and engage them in NASA robotics missions leading them to pursue higher education and careers in the robotics Industry. Funded
RAP-II-74 Transfer NASA's Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse (RCC) supporting the electronic dissemination of quality K-12 curriculum anchored in robotics to an appropriate educational entity. Pending Funding
RAP-III-72 Leverage academic partnerships using NASA data to produce
accredited online robotics courses. Pending Funding
RAP-III-76  Conduct NASA's West Coast Robotics Academy. Funded
RAP-III-77 Implement the Robotics Alliance Student Internship Opportunity
Pending Funding

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Last Updated: April 28, 2020
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