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NASA Lunar Micro Rover Prototype 0 - MAX-J Rover
Circa Atacama Field Test 2005

  • Mobility and Control System
    • RC Truck (Tamiya Clodbuster-Based) Drive System
    • Novak Racing Bruchless DC Motors
  • Structural Integrity System
    • Custom Built RC Truck Frame
  • Thermal Control System
    • Fan for Terrestrial Applications
  • Command and Data Handling
    • Centrino Duo Processor
    • Reflection Architecture-based simulation-to-navigation
  • Tracking System
    • Athena GS 111-M IMU
  • Power System
    • Regulated 12-Volt bus
    • 4 Packs of 6-Cell NiCd 3800mah Batteries
  • Camera/Payload System
    • Videre Stereo Vision Pair
  • Communication System
    • Wireless Ethernet 802.11 G

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Curator: Drew Price
NASA Official: Mark Leon
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