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ISS Astronaut Question and Answers


Expedition 56
PAO Education Event with Poudre High School
Astronaut Dr. Serena Auñón-Chancellor
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Questions Covered

  • What is the training like before you to the Space Station? What is the most difficult part of astronaut training?
  • What is it like to sleep in space? Have you or others experienced sleepwalking in microgravity?
  • What does your daily routine look like?
  • What type of experiments do you do in space? What makes them important?
  • Do you ever bring animals into space? Is it true birds could not survive in a microgravity environment?
  • How do you wash your clothes?
  • What is the most difficult task to do on the Space Station?
  • How do you and your fellow astronauts stay entertained?
  • Has your understanding of the cosmos changed since you've been in space.
  • Can you see the effects of climate change from the ISS?
  • I imagine the views you have from the Space Station are incredible. Have you ever been able to witness a meteor shower or Aurora Borealis during your time up there?
  • What is different about actual spacewalks as opposed to what you see in Hollywood?
  • I would love to hear about your experience as a Poudre High School student. How did Poudre prepare you for your career?
  • Does microgravity affect your digestion?
  • Can you put on makeup in space?
  • Can you please explain how similar or different training in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab compares to when you conduct a spacewalk on the ISS?

Expedition 52
Space Station Crew Member Discusses Life in Space with Georgia Students
Flight Engineer Jack Fisher
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Questions Covered

  • Will you go to Mars and how long will you stay in space?
  • What cool things do you see in space that you do not see in Earth?
  • What are some of the most surprising personal adjustments did you or other astronauts face from beginning a stint in the ISS?
  • Would you like to go to the Moon?
  • How long can you breathe in space with your oxygen tank?
  • What do you eat? Is there a certain diet?
  • Have you seen a shooting star? If you have, what does it look like up close?
  • How do you sleep?
  • Because water floats in space, how do you wash up? Do you have a bathtub or a shower?
  • How long did you have to stay in school to become an Astronaut?
  • Do the astronauts ever get sick since they shouldn't be exposed to germs up there?
  • What do you do when you are not in space?
  • What is one thing you were not prepared for as an astronaut?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are your three favorite things to do when you are in space?
  • What people and space vehicles have you flown into outer space?
  • Communication between Earth and the Space Station only has a few seconds of delay. How will communication systems change as you explore deep space?
  • What kind of weather do you see when observing Earth?
  • Is it true that time is slower in space?
  • What method of oxygen creation do you use? How much water is needed? And how much does it yield?

Expedition 56
Education Interview with Microsfot Young Spark
Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold
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Questions Covered

  • What are some of the Pro’s & Con’s of being an astronaut?
  • How old were you when you first became interested in STEM? What cause you to have this interest?
  • What difficulties have you encountered when conducting experiments in space, as compared to on Earth?
  • What obstacles have you encountered while being in space?
  • How does gravity affect what you do on the space station, as well as the speed of the space station?
  • What piece of technology do you utilize daily that you could not live in space without?
  • What is it like aboard the Space Station?
  • Are you able to breathe normally, or is there oxygen on the station? If so, where does the oxygen come from?
  • What type of music do you listen to in space?
  • Where do you sleep and how do you sleep on the Space Station?
  • What do you eat when you are in space?
  • Where do you store your food supply?
  • Do you feel heavy while wearing a space suit?
  • What type of mental training do y’all receive before entering in to space?
  • What is the scariest moment you have encountered while being in space?
  • What was the most surprising aspect of executing a spacewalk?
  • How are rocket ships created, and how long does it normally take?
  • When traveling through space, where do the parts of the rocket that fall off go?
  • What do you expect to see changing in spaceflight in the coming years?
  • What types of jobs are available with NASA? How do you prepare for a career at NASA?

Expedition 56
Education Interview with McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center
Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold
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Questions Covered

  • How did you train to become an astronaut?
  • How do you keep from making a mess when you brush your teeth?
  • Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing. What do you dream of us accomplishing in the next 50 years?
  • What do you do all day?
  • What experiments do you do on the Space Station?
  • Besides the Space Station itself, what is the most interesting piece of technology on board the ISS?
  • Is time different on the Space Station?
  • What is it like being weightless in space and is it hard to move around?
  • What was your inspiration to be an astronaut?
  • What are the three things you miss most from Earth?
  • What about the ISS will you miss the most when you return to Earth?
  • What is your favorite space food?
  • How do you sleep on the Space Station?
  • How do you prepare for a spacewalk, especially a long one?
  • What is the coolest or weirdest thing you have seen while on the Space Station?
  • How was the International Space Station constructed and what was it like installing solar array wings and truss?
  • How long does it take to get used to microgravity?
  • Will people make it to Mars?
  • If you could have one thing on the Space Station that you aren't allowed to have, what would it be?
  • Since you are in space, can we assume you are a science geek? What else do you "geek out" about?
  • Was it scary traveling into space?

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Last Updated: April 28, 2020
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