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robotic frogs at the Simple Machines competition
Simple Machines Robotics Challenge

The Challenge:

Robots at the Simple Machines competition The 2003 Spring Simple Machines Robotics Competition for elementary students is here! The LEGOnauts have explored LEGO Centauri and it's time for them to return to Earth.

Will your team accept the mission to return the exploration team to the landing zone?

Since the transporters were damaged during the landing, we need you to develop a robot that will help transport 30 LEGOnauts from the exploration and habitation zones to the landing zone!

Simple Machines Competition Information

Below are several PDF files that are step-by-step instructions on how to build the game pieces. The complete set of game pieces can be constructed from one LEGO Simple Machines Set.

How to Participate:

If your school is interested in participating, please contact Lucien Junkin at

The tournament will be on Saturday, March 8th, 2003 at Hogg Middle School.

We would also like for the students to get the opportunity to name the challenge so as of now, this challenge is nameless. An award will be given to the team that submits the selected name. Please submit all names to Lucien before March 1st, 2003.

Please feel free to contact Lucien with any questions or comments at Remember, it's all about the students! Thank you for participating in the 2003 Spring Simple Machines Competition.

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