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RAP Student Robotics Challenge

Line Following Challenge
April 24 - June 30, 2001

Mark Sherman, Henry Mundstock and Louise Mundstock
from Tennyson High School in Hayward, CA.

Best time: 3.39 seconds
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The winning robot for the Student Robotics Challenge, Line Following Challenege '01

Honorable Mention
Shad Blackwell, John Burris, and Marca Anderson
from Wayne High School in Wayne, OK.

Best time: 6.00 seconds
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The honorable mention robot for the Student Robotics Challenge, Line Following Challenege '01

The Challenge:

Build a mobile robot to follow a curved line as fast as possible, including:

  1. To design a mobile robot with integrated hardware and software to quickly follow a line;

  2. To time the run of the robot over the line and document the result;

  3. To document the development method including the approach or design concept, the hardware and software integration and testing.

The Scorecard:

  • Based on all three aspects above and the following:

  • Innovation in design (20 pts.)

  • Innovation and accuracy in measuring the time of the run (20 pts.)

  • Demonstrated understanding of the design features (15 pts.)

  • Clarity and quality of the report (15 pts.)

  • Speed (shortest demonstrated time to reach the end of the line without leaving the line) (30 pts.)

The Awards:

The students who won the Robotics Challenge will receive a NASA Plaque of Achievement and a letters of recognition from the NASA Ames Research Center and will be highlighted on the NASA Robotics Education Project web site. The honorable mention team's work will Also be posted on the web site.

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