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Lunar Micro-Rover Project

There exists a need to have an economical multi-dimension robotic tool that can be easily assembled, repaired, and customized for interstellar missions. The Lunar Micro Rover (LMR) exists as a test bed demonstration for this need and applies modern technology to a rover allowing the capability of exploring other planetary surfaces. The devices contained within our Lunar Micro Rover allow the rover to support micro-payloads, lunar exploration, extended deployment, and remote operation.

The electronic devices include: a high definition camera, lithium battery packs to support missions in excess of two hours with additional power to be harnessed from the lunar surface, a communication system which utilizes the UHF frequencies to communicate to a Lunar Lander or other UHF compliant system, an inertial measurement unit for advanced guidance and distance measurement, and a two wheel direct drive system allowing the rover to conquer large obstacles on the surface that it may encounter.

Additional measures to extend mission time for surface exploration involves the implementation of phase change materials for thermal management and radiation mitigation. The further development of LMR is only limited by our imaginations as we apply scientific creativity to solve the problems faced on another planetary surface

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