Miscellaneous Links

"New!" Darpa Grand Challenge team, "Team RAV": http://www.ravllc.com/

-- Space and technology links: http://www.space-techlist.com/

-- Check out the Central Jersey Robotics Group: http://dpein.home.netcom.com/

Updated-- Kinetic Architecture: http://www.chadzis.com

-- Red Rover, Red Rover: http://redrover.planetary.org

-- Reaching for the Red Planet: http://lyra.colorado.edu/sbo/mary/redplanet/html

-- Planetary Photojournal: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov

-- Participate in the Study of Space Science: http://spacekids.hq.nasa.gov/osskids/orgs/index.htm

-- Mars Exploration from the Panetary Data System: http://pdsimage.wr.usgs.gov/PDS/public/mapmaker/mapmkr.htm

-- Electronic Picture Books: http://www.stsci.edu/exined

-- Aerodynamics in Sports: http://wings.avkids.com/Tennis

-- Robosaurus: http://www.canosoarus.com/02Robosaurus/Robo01.htm

-- Legged robots: http://www.geocities.com/mrobots2000/

-- Explore space with NASA: http://exploringspace.arc.nasa.gov/

-- Build things online with SodaConstructor: http://sodaplay.com/constructor/index.htm

-- Helios Robotic Aircraft: http://www.space.com/news/helios_flight_010810.html

-- Sun-synchronous robot, Hyperion: http://www.frc.ri.cmu.edu/sunsync/index.html

-- Fractal Robots: http://www.stellar.demon.co.uk/

-- Build Cool Stuff: http://www.buildcoolstuff.com

-- Cool FIRST Robotics team site: http://robotics.engr.paly.net/!

-- Chipboard Control Systems: http://www.basicx.com

-- Robot Journal: http://www.wkap.nl/journalhome.htm/0921-0296

-- Goddard Space Flight Center's FIRST web site: http://web547.gsfc.nasa.gov/first/

Extensive Lists of Robotics Links:

-- Robot-News.com Links: http://robot-news.com/links.htm

-- NASA Space Telerobotics Program: http://ranier.oact.hq.nasa.gov/telerobotics_page/internetrobots.html

-- http://www.robotics.com/robots.html

-- http://eis.jpl.nasa.gov/~welch/

-- http://www.thetech.org/robotics/activities/page12.html

-- Visit the REP Cool Links Archive


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