Industry Links

--Firgelli microactuators: http://www.firgelli.com/

-- Used-Robots.com: http://www.used-robots.com and http://www.used-robots.com/information.htm

-- IFI Roboticss: http://www.ifirobotics.com/

-- ITtoolbox Emerging Technologies Knowledge Base: http://emergingtech.ittoolbox.com/

-- Evolution Robotics educational products: http://www.evolution.com/product/educational/

--Check out Gecko Systems, http://www.geckosystems.com/, mobile robotics platform ideas.

--List of robotics companies: http://robot.re.kr/link/overseascom.htm

-- Robodyssey, http://www.robodyssey.com/, provides robust and versatile robotics platforms for educators, hobbyists, and professionals.

-- Yobotics, http://www.yobotics.com, creates legged robots and robotic artificial legs to help disabled people walk.

-- Cyganics, http://www.cyganics.com, designs and develops autonomous robotics in Queensland, Australia. They sell robots, robot accessories and tools, customized
components, technical books and other related robotic products.

-- Microbotix, a new Italian company devoted to service robotics: http://www.microrobotix.com/

-- Industrial Robotic Companies Listing: http://www.robotcafe.com/dir/Companies/Industrial/


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