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Grades K - 5

"new!" Learn about Barretts Elementary School's "Comparison of the19th Century Voyage of Lewis and Clark with a 21st Century Voyage to Mars"

Let younger children try their hand at programming through Squeakland.

Robotics classroom activities, articles, and interviews at Imagiverse

Interactive learning about spacebots at NASA's Distance Learning Outpost

Standards-aligned engineering activities for grades Pre-K - 12.

Check out our Educational Robotics Matrix for information on activities, competitions, and internships by grade level!

Classroom Robotics on the Web: Lessons, materials, and rubrics developed in a Texas classroom using RoboLab.

Learn about Lego robotics in "Robotics Learning" workshops in Northern California.

"Build Your Own Mars Rover" activities from Rosemary Shaw at Millenium Middle School.

-- Check out the SpacePlace "Goodies for Teachers"!

-- Enter the "Tortilla Spacecraft" contest at JPL's Space Place!

-- Visit the NASA Kids Teacher's Corner

-- The Athena Science Payload site has a variety of Mars, rover, and space science-related classroom activities. http://athena.cornell.edu/ educators/index.html

-- Have students try making their own nanorover model at: http://spaceplace.jpl.nasa.gov/muses2.htm

-- The Planetary Society's Red Rover, Red Rover gets students K and up interested in building and controlling robots. The students can even drive other schools' rovers remotely over the Internet. Also check out Red Rover Goes to Mars

-- Beyond Black Boxes has projects that encourage scientific inquiry.

--Step-by-step introduction to classroom robotics

--Check out LEGO Robot Tips

--Try this Edventures LEGO Robotics activity.

--Design a Mars Spacecraft--background information and activity.

--Learn how to take pictures from a kite.

--Get involved with the NASA Student Involvement Program

--Think about involving your class in a robotics competition like FIRST Lego League

--Back online! Robotics Kits for the Educator and Parent.

--New Mars resources for teachers.

--All sorts of information about using LEGO Mindstorms.

--Tufts University's LEGO curriculum site.

--Science and Engineering NASA Site of Remote Sensing (SENSORS)

--NASA's ROVer Ranch: K-12 experiments in robotic software.


--Jet Propulsion Lab's Curriculum Support for K-12 Teachers.

--Lesson plans for LEGO-based activities from the Tufts University Center for Engineering Educational Outreach. http://www.ceeo.tufts.e du/graphics/k12curric.html

--Activities from the Tech Museum of Innovation's Robotics exhibit: http://www.thetech. org/robotics/activities/index.html

Curator: Cassie Bowman Small rover NASA Official: Mark León

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