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As this new web site changes and grows, past features will be archived here. The date each item was moved from the front page is noted.

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December 18
Phoenix Mars Mission activity
Phoenix mission logo
The Phoenix Mars mission is on its way to the Red Planet. You can make your own Mars lander model and even try your hand at a successful landing! Check out classroom materials on the Phoenix mission website.

December 06
Planet Quest: Searching for Earthlike Worlds
Earthlike planet
Visit Planet Quest to read about the discovery of numerous planets around stars other than the sun and learn more about a bold series of NASA missions to find and characterize new worlds.

November 20
FIRST Robotics Competition
NASA logo, FRC logo
The NASA application for FIRST Robotics Competition sponsorship is now closed. The application directions page remains available for informational purposes.

The list of sponsorship recipients is available here.

November 08
World Book @ NASA
Have a question about space? Check out the World Book @ NASA to read about everything from asteroids to icebergs to Venus.

November 08
Watch a video and read more about ATHLETE (All Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra Terrestrial Explorer, a futuristic robot that may one day go to the moon.

September 22
Learn about the Cool Cosmos
cool cosmos logo
Find the answers to your questions about space! Learn about cool space tools, play games, and have fun at the Cool Cosmos site!

September 22
Second Annual 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition
podcast logo
The second annual 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition challenges students to take a look back at NASA's first 50 years of exploration and answer this question: "What do you think is NASA's greatest exploration achievement in the past 50 years, and why?" in the form of an audio or video podcast. Learn more!

September 21
NASA Student Opportunities
Blue rocket
Interested in opportunities for students at NASA? Tune in to the NASA Student Opportunities podcasts to learn about internships, jobs, and more!

September 21
NASA Engineering Design Challenge
NASA logo
Take part in the NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber, open to elementary, middle and high school students.

September 20
Botball Lunar Rover Design Challenge
moon buggy
Think the Lunar X PRIZE is cool? Botball students can get involved with the challenge by creating a conceptual design for a robot to help win this contest! Check out the Botball website to learn more.

August 15
Video: International Botball Tournament
botball logo
Check out video highlighting the events during the 2007 National Conference on Educational Robotics, including interviews with teams and exciting footage of the 2007 International Botball Tournament and Beyond Botball Tournament.

August 04
Phoenix Mars Lander launches!
Phoenix Mars Lander
The next mission to Mars, the Phoenix Mars Lander, launched 8/4/07 at 5:26 a.m. EDT. For more, check out the audio and video files.

July 18
Robot subs vie for top honors
Robotic sub
View images from the 10th annual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition, which took place at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego. You can check out the "Stingray," the "SubjuGator," and more!

July 07
Mars Science Laboratory update
Mars Science Laboratory
The 2009 Mars Science Laboratory, the mammoth grandchild of the 1997 Sojourner rover, is less than one year from the assembly, test and launch operations phase (ATLO). Learn more about the robot and its mission.

July 07
Robotics summer camps
Mars Exploration Rover
Check out some of the robotics camps offered this summer.

July 06
Webcast: Launching Science into Space
image of rocket
The "International Geophysical Year" of 1957–1958 revolutionized American science, creating the new field of planetary science while enabling new discoveries in areas as diverse as geophysics and climate science. Learn more by watching the webcast lecture on Thursday, July 19 at 7 p.m. PT.

July 06
2007 National Conference on Educational Robotics
Botball logo
The 2007 NCER will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from July 10-13, 2007 (with pre-conference on July 9). All conference events will be held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. Learn more about the conference. Interested in registering.

May 25
Spirit rover unearths surprise evidence
Image of rover tracks
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has found a patch of bright-toned soil so rich in silica that scientists propose water must have been involved in concentrating it. Read the press release and view the images.

May 20
NASA's Solar System Ambassadors
NASA logo
There are 494 Ambassadors in 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico bringing the excitement of space to the public. To arrange for an event in your community, visit the website and find an ambassador near you!

May 19
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter screen saver
Artist's image of MRO
Download a free NASA screen saver to get updated images and information from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Learn more about MRO on the mission website.

May 10
FIRST Robotics post-season competition
Monty Madness logo
The regular FIRST Robotics Competition season may be over, but now it's time for post-season events. Check out Monty Madness on Saturday, May 19.

April 28
Robotics Competitions: Botball and FIRST
cartoon robot
Learn more about the FIRST Robotics Competition and Botball Robotics. Watch the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship archive or view the Regional Competition archives.

March 27
APPLY NOW: Phoenix Student Interns Program
Phoenix Mission logo
High school science teachers may apply to participate, along with two of their students, in the Phoenix Student Interns Program. Participants will work with scientists on the Phoenix Mars Mission.

March 12
Online video: Reliable Robots
Engineer with robot
Learn how robotics engineers at NASA's Ames Research Center design, build and test robots used for missions in space. Watch the online video now!

March 01
Virtual field trip of the Jet Propulsion Lab
Cartoon rover
Take a virtual field trip to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and learn about mission control, the rover lab, and more!

March 01
Teachers: Summer ROV Workshop
MATE logo
The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center is offering a summer institute on Advanced ROV Building for Classroom Projects, July 23-30. Visit the website to apply.

February 23
Webchat: The Road to Engineering
NASA logo
Read the transcript from our National Engineers Week chat. You'll see responses from three NASA engineers who answered questions about their road to engineering.

February 22
Robotics web seminar for educators
NSTA logo
Educators interested in robotics can sign up for the JPL/NSTA web seminar "Robotic Engineering: Big Toys, Big Fun." The web seminar will take place on Thursday, February 28 starting at 3:30 p.m. PT (6:30 p.m. ET).

February 08
Video: Robot Pals
Image of Robonaut
Learn about robots as cooperative partners. Watch the "Robot Pals" online segments from PBS Scientific American Frontiers.

February 01
Botball Robotics gearing up
Botball logo
Botball's robotics workshops and tournaments are underway. Check out the schedule and learn how you can register to participate.

February 01
FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff
FIRST Robotics Competition logo
The FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff took place Saturday, January 6, 2007. Archives of the kickoff and competition animations are available here.

January 30
Video: Three Years on Mars
Mars Exploration Rover
NASA's Opportunity rover, now exploring Mars for three years, is half a world away from its twin, Spirit. Watch a video of its mission since 2004.

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