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NASA Lunar Micro Rover Prototype 3

  • Mobility and Control System
    • 2 Maxon 20mm 20W brushless DC motors
    • 50:1 gearing
    • Kevlar Belt Drive
  • Structural Integrity System
    • Custom Aluminum sheet-formed chassis box
    • Rolled Aluminum sheet wheels
  • Thermal Control System
    • None
  • Command and Data Handling
    • RAD-750 processor and I/O computer stack
  • Tracking System
    • Motor Position Sensor
  • Power System
    • Lithium Technologies 180Whr Charging/Monitoring Lithium-Polymer
    • RAD-750 power routing board
  • Payload System
    • Hydra Neutron Detector
    • Adimec 1000c HD Camera
  • Communication System
    • Microhard IP-921 900Mhz radio
    • Aeroastro S-band Reciever, Transmittor, High-Gain Module

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Curator: Drew Price
NASA Official: Mark Leon
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