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2013 FIRST Robotics Kickoff

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FIRST Kickoff
Saturday January 5th, 2013
10:30AM EST

The 2013 FIRST Kickoff is being broadcast on NASA TV (Public (10:30-11:00AM EST) and Education Channels (10:30AM EST - Finish of Kickoff). There are many options to view NASA TV, from your Cable/Satellite provider to streaming it online. NASA TV is streamed online in various formats, more information can be found about streaming NASA TV on the NASA TV webpage.

Multiple viewing options of the webcast can be found here.

Satellite Dish Owners:
Information on how to setup your Satellite dish to view NASA TV is also listed on the NASA TV Webpage.

Not able to make it to the kick off in Manchester, New Hampshire? Check out the local kick off's in your area through this website!

Viewing Options:
NASA TV Webcast
Direct TV: 346
Dish Network: 286
Cable: Check your local listings.

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Curator: Drew Price
NASA Official: Mark Leon
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